Bringing prosperity to Nigeria's poor through energy and climate change ideas and action

nigeriacanNigeria Climate Action Network is a network of groups and individuals in Nigeria working to promote government and individual action to combat climate change. The coalition builds issue-specific and influential partnerships that include members in the parliament, executive, the private sector, international agencies and civil society.

Nigeriacan has lobbied successfully for the development of clearer and stronger positions on international issues, the passing of the Bill to Establish the National Climate Change Commission and the development of several national climate change action plans.

  ICEED's Activities/Programmes:
  Climate Change Programme
  Clean Development Mechanism
  Climate Change Governance in Nigeria
  Climate-based agricultural insurance
  Improving Energy and Climate Resilience


International Centre for Energy, Environment and Development provides ideas that link energy and climate change policy reforms to prosperity for Nigeria’s poor.

Our strength lies in our partnerships. ICEED works with progressive Nigerian and international research centres, government agencies, specialists and entrepreneurs. We build multi-stakeholder platforms to respond to energy and climate challenges that affect the poor.