Bringing prosperity to Nigeria's poor through energy and climate change ideas and action

The EU over the past decade, has stepped up the profile of EU-Nigeria cooperation. It is grounded in the “EU-Nigeria Joint Way Forward” agreed between the EU and Nigeria in 2009. The joint cooperation strategy targets poverty alleviation and good governance, and focuses on governance reforms, the fight against corruption, migration and trafficking and tackling organised crime, and bringing about reforms of the justice sector. Environment and climate change are also among the new areas of cooperation under the 10th EDF.

Oxfam’s work in Nigeria focuses primarily on among other things improving livelihoods. One of the ways by which it does this is through economic and environmental sustainability programmes and projects. To this achieve this we work with a wide variety of partner and allies, such as community organizations and regional groups at the local, state and national levels.

ICEED is committed to the goal of poverty eradication and delivers this commitment by providing the evidence base for reforms and political influence that shape the poor’s climate and energy security. ICEED’s strength lies in our partnerships. It associates with progressive Nigerian and international think tanks, government agencies, specialists and entrepreneurs. ICEED provides policy research, policy development support, programme design, project management, capacity building, monitoring & evaluation and advocacy to a wide range of Nigerian and international organisations.

The 4-year Partnership between ICEED, OXFAM and the EU seeks to improve fuel wood supply in seven Local Government Areas in Katsina State. The partnership will among other things improve wood lots, produce and disseminate fuel efficient woodstoves, capacity building programmes as well as public awareness.

  ICEED's Activities/Programmes:
  Climate Change Programme
  Clean Development Mechanism
  Climate Change Governance in Nigeria
  Climate-based agricultural insurance
  Improving Energy and Climate Resilience

International Centre for Energy, Environment and Development provides ideas that link energy and climate change policy reforms to prosperity for Nigeria’s poor.

Our strength lies in our partnerships. ICEED works with progressive Nigerian and international research centres, government agencies, specialists and entrepreneurs. We build multi-stakeholder platforms to respond to energy and climate challenges that affect the poor.