ICEED has been at the centre of key policy research and development processes for rural and renewable energy policy reform in Nigeria. We assisted in creating the basis for launching the Rural Electrification Strategy. Some key highlights of the project are the Establishment of the Rural Electrification Agency, Rural Electrification Fund and a Strategy for the sub-sector. ICEED provided the Lead Consultant and Author of Nigeria’s first ever Renewable Energy Master Plan in 2005. In addition ICEED developed the National Policy Guidelines on Renewable Electricity and Renewable Electricity Action Programme for the Federal Ministry of Power in 2006; and National Policy and Guidelines on Renewable Energy for the Federal Ministry of Environment in 2010.

On the climate change front, ICEED is a leading centre of expertise on climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation policies. Together with partners, ICEED produced the research underpinning the development of the National Adaptation Strategy and Plan of Action. This included the development of Gender Tool Kits and participation in sectoral and ecological zone survey of climate change vulnerability and adaptation options for Nigeria. The centre collaborated with the Federal Ministry of Environment, United Nations Development Programme, Nigerian Environmental Study and Action Team and Heinrich Boell Foundation in the development of Nigeria’s National Adaptation Strategy and Plan of Action.

To support Nigeria’s climate change mitigation efforts, ICEED in partnership with a network of researchers participates in the development and update of Nigeria’s greenhouse gas emission inventory and mitigation options. The centre produced Nigeria’s draft position paper on climate change mitigation for COP15 and subsequent papers for COPs 16 and 17. ICEED had and continues to conduct assessment of greenhouse gas mitigation opportunities in renewable energy and energy efficiency in Nigeria.

To support efforts in climate change financing in Nigeria, ICEED has built its capacity and has become the leading centre on the carbon market and clean energy financing in the country. The centre produced Nigeria’s draft position paper on climate change finance for COPs 15, 16 and 17. In collaboration with the Global Climate Network, ICEED conducted a survey of the sources of climate change finance and supportive policies in 2010.

ICEED has ongoing partnerships with the government, the Parliament and civil society in climate change governance reforms. It provides the evidence base and advocacy for strengthening climate change institutions. Through the role of the centre and its partners in Nigeria Climate Action Network, stakeholder participation has become standard procedure in climate change decision making. Through this partnership, ICEED led the drafting and lobbying for the National Climate Change Commission Bill in 2010. Even though the Commission was not established then, it laid the ground work for the establishment of the Department of Climate Change under the Federal Ministry of Environment. ICEED also assisted in creating the Climate Change Desk of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.