Cuts the amount created by smoke

Offer good, quick access to quality and adequate cooking energy

Raising the availability of energy, and encouraging sustainable living.

Health Well-being

reduces harmful emissions by at least 70%

Economic Benefit

For an average family which most times depend on aid for survival, the fuelwood expenditure is quite high.

Climate change mitigation

Accumulative reduction on pollution from disseminated mass stove would be very important.

Fuel-efficient stove, AKA 'Dadin Kowa,

Provides additional accessibility to inexpensive and adequate energy to cook, and curbs the persistent deforestation of trees, particularly in rural areas.

Clean cooking energy, with sustainable energy

Locally made, and metal cladding for durability. It is fast, easy of use, lowers need for fire wood and significantly reduces the plume of smoke generated compared with conventional northeastern cooking techniques.
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The stove followed the concept of rocket stoves and handles rounded butt pots.

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