ICEED Supports Interns from Ehugbo Technical College Afikpo with Textbooks

Today, ten student interns from Ehugbo Technical College received a set of school text books in electrical and mechanical subjects. This is part of the fulfillment of ICEED Foundation’s pledge to support these bright students in building skills for a future in clean energy technologies. Once a week, these top students receive theoretical and practical training in renewable energy technologies at the ICEED Training Centre in Afikpo.

Why school text books? Most students of public secondary schools in Ebonyi State complete their studies without text books. This has become standard. A complete set of these books cost only about N15,000 or less than $50 per student. Most parents in the state, including Afikpo are unfortunately too poor to afford these books.

Access to school text books is a challenge we all must accept. Think of a situation where we take the responsibility to provide school text books for students from poor communities? How about that?

On 31st December 2018, ICEED Foundation will be hosting a breakfast meeting on community participation in improving secondary school performance in Afikpo. Inadequate access to school text books will be an important theme.