Nigeria leads the way on low-carbon industrial strategy

A ground-breaking joint initiative between the Global Climate Network’s Nigerian member organisation and the country’s Industry and Commerce Ministry will lead to an industrial strategy to promote low-carbon development in Nigeria, was announced on Friday (18th March 2011).

The initiative was launched during a high-level event organised by the International Centre for Energy, Environment and Development (ICEED-Nigeria) in Abuja, the first in six different countries, resulting from a study by the  HYPERLINK “” Global Climate Network to identify the key elements of such a strategy. Speaking at the event, Dr Ewah Eleri, ICEED’s director said, ‘the low carbon industrial strategy will articulate government and private sector actions that lead to rapid industrialisation through low carbon emission technologies’.

Representatives from several government ministries, industry, finance and academia resolved to set up a multi-stakeholder committee to develop a low carbon industrialisation blue-print for the country.