ICEED is working to develop climate insurance solutions aimed at helping farmers recover from losses to crops that are related to climate change events. This insurance scheme will help to strengthen the resilience of rural farmers to climatic risks.

The project will reduce rural poverty, promote environmental sustainability and strengthen international partnership on climate risk management in Nigeria.

The centre has formed a partnership with the Nigerian Meteorological Agency, National Insurance Commission and the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Scheme to research, develop and launch this scheme


DFID through the Coalitions for Change Programme
International Centre for Energy, Environment and Development.

Build and provide better guarantee for farmer

Has good capacity to bring benefit to low-income farmers as well as their communities, by safeguarding farmers in the event of shocks and motivating massive investment in crops
  • Revenue security
  • minimum loans
  • produce safety
  • awareness

Include protection for yield or how often a crop yields

However, awareness of growing risks of climate change, protecting farmers incomes even though crops may fail

Protect Agro farmers

Supported by the federal government to protect against the loss of crops as a result of various disasters