Renewable energy solution to climate change – Otumfuo







Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has said turning to renewable sources such as wind and energy is the way to tackle the threat of climate change.

According to the overlord of Ashanti, Africans have assumed that the debate about climate change is about the industrial world and their excessive consumption, but recent severe weather changes, the combination of droughts and uncontrolled storms and flooding, have brought home forcibly, the idea that climate change is a reality and all are obliged to play their part in saving mankind from its effect.

In his opinion, therefore, moving away from fossil fuel to new renewable energy is the way to tackle the threat of climate change.

The Asantehene was speaking at the Inauguration of a Solar Power solution (SPS) project.

He said the over $20million investment in SPS by businessman Francis Akuamoah Boateng will provide one of the most vital components for the energy mix the nation needs going forward because although Ghana’s energy crisis may be in the past, the path to sustainable energy supply is still bumpy.

Otumfuo Osei Tutu II further noted that investment in SPS opens new avenues to high-end-to-high-end research and greater innovation for science and technology graduates in the country.

He commended Mr Boateng for investing in the economy despite the uncertainties in an election year.

“For a Ghanaian businessman in this climate of uncertainty to decide to invest $20million of his resources entirely without seeking state support is an act of courage and patriotism worthy of the highest honour,” he stated.

“This son of the Golden Stool is sending two crucial messages by the act of courage. First, he is telling the world that as Ghanaians, we have abiding faith and confidence in the strength of our economy and that whatever the results of the forthcoming elections may be, our economy will not falter.

“The second message he is sending to our countrymen, to businessmen, colleagues, and budding entrepreneurs is: ‘Yes, the climate is tough and the challenge enormous, but we can try a little harder.’

“Let us try to reduce the extent to which the destiny of the country has come to depend upon politicians and create more space for the men of business to move the country forward.

“The history of the world should persuade us that politicians do the great talking, but it takes great businessmen taking great decisions, making investments to build great nations.”