The Nigeria Alliance for Clean Cookstoves Thanks Clinton

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is retiring from the Obama Administration this January. She has made the promotion of access to clean cookstoves the cornerstone of her work in the State Department. In a message, Ewah Eleri, the coordinator of the Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cookstoves thanked Secretary Clinton for her support to the global effort to save lives and empower women.

According to Eleri, “smoke from the kitchen takes the lives of nearly one hundred thousand Nigerians, mostly women and children. It is Nigeria’s silent killer. Through the support of Secretary Clinton, we have been able to place this important issue on the political agenda in Nigeria”. The Nigerian Alliance has set a target of ten million clean cookstoves to be delivered to Nigerian homes by 2020. It was launched in March 2012. During the launch, Secretary Clinton was represented by US Ambassador to Nigeria, Terence McCulley. To view the video, please highlight the web-link and right click, you would be given an option, click on go to: